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    • Is mandatory tho have an valid CIVLID
    • Is mandatory to provide a Valid Email for further comunications with admin server
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    • You will have only 3 hours after the finishing the pre-registration to answer the email
    • After that time, your pre-registration will be removed from our database
    • And only after we remove your pre-registration, you can do the pre registration again
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Search for your name in the CIVL database . When you click at this left link will be opened a new window , please fill only 3 letters from your First name or Last Name, then the CIVL will return your CIVLID, Name and FAI Nationality.
If you are not registered in the CIVL database, please REGISTER-ME AS A NEW PILOT
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It is mandatory to have a valid FAL Sporting Licence, which can be requested by completing the following template
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